Week 2 – Classmate Conversation – Amanda Martinez

Today, I met Amanda Martinez and she is an Environmental Science Major. She is on her 5th year and will be graduating next semester! One topic we talked about is the kayaking class. I was informed with a lot of information regarding the requirements and procedures in order to kayak. I felt like it was a lot because I know I won’t pass the main requirement, which is to pass a swimming test. I can’t swim. Anyways, we also talked about art being IMG_1333important. We concluded that everyone has his or her own opinion about art being important in today’s world. We agreed that art is important to certain aspects, such as the illustration in textbooks. Art is also important for people who are visual learners, just like me. I need someone to illustrate or provide visual aids so I can easily learn the topic. Without art, it would be hard because reading from the textbooks isn’t that fun. Art can make things fun and less boring. In today’s world, art is important because it is a way to express oneself. A lot of people enjoy doing
their make-up, which is one way of expression. They want to express themselves with the way they have their make-up on. Another way art is important is that it can be implemented in a really different way. For business, many would assume that art isn’t important; however, the actions they take has a little bit of art it in. For example, managers have to form a strategy to increase the company’s performance. Some of their strategies are art. The actions they take to achieve their goal would be consider art to many people. The strategy is a form of actions, a creation of plan, and they delegate their plan through visual aid, such as presentation. This is what I think art is for business. But what Amanda and I talked about, the importance and meaning of art differ for many individuals. Everyone has his or her own opinion about the subject.

Also, Amanda is the one on the left of the picture. Here is her blog: Amanda’s blog


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