Week 2- Art Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

So with this art activity, I knew that if I’m going to picture myself dead, I would be dead from studying too much. If you all know me, all I do is study when I have free time. Ever since I started college, I have been taking classes every semester – fall, winter, spring, summer all year around. I’m so used to studying all the time that if I don’t have anything to study for, I get anxious as if I’m not doing anything productive. I love going to coffee shops, but I bring my books with me to study there. So for this activity, the first idea that popped in my head is me dead from “overstudying.” I’m sure a lot of college students use the term “stu-dying” and these two pictures represent that.

I brought my friend with me to the library to study and I asked her to help me out.My friend can relate to what I’m trying to represent because she knows the struggle of being a college student, especially as a senior.¬†She took a picture of me pretending to be “dead” in the library. We both tried to figure out if I had to lie down on the floor pretending to be dead, but we weren’t sure. It didn’t really say that so we thought this would suffice. It was kind of awkward because not only the library was super quiet, there were a lot of people there as well. Everyone kept looking at us because my friend would whisper really loud to tell me what to do. It was kind of weird doing this at the library because it was easily attracting everyone’s attention, but we had fun doing it.





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