Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Nicole Goudarzian

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nicole Goudarzian

Exhibition: Florida / California Exchange exhibition

Media: Photography

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: nsleepless

About the Artist

Nicole Goudarzian is a senior who is majoring in BFA Photography. This semester is her last semester and she is planning to take a break from school. She is considering in getting her masters later on and a teaching certificate in arts. Nicole is a surrealist photographer and posts some of her work on her Instagram @nsleepless.

Formal Analysis

Since the artist I talked was the coordinator of the program, I will just elaborate on what were her duties as a coordinator and her favorite piece that was hung up.

img_1526                 Nicole coordinates the program From Here to There, which is a bi-coastal exchange exhibition between University of Central Florida (UCF) and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) photography programs. This program happens once a year during fall semester. CSULB receives the best of the best photographs from UCF students and Nicole’s job is to coordinate which photographs go to certain exhibitions. She coordinates and organizes art photos and try to find connections between them. The photographs that were hung up on the wall were in pairs and portrayed relationships between them to viewers. Some of the photographs were black and white, and some photographs have bold bright colors. Nicole really likes the black and white photographs of the television and the music player that were hung up on the corner of the gallery.


Content Analysis

img_1532 There were at least about 10-15 pairs of photographs that were hung up against the wall. Some shows meaning that can really connect to people. I asked Nicole what was her favorite piece out of all of them. Her favorite piece was called Idols and Anchors by Michelle Blomn who is a student from UCF. This piece has a pair of two photographs consisting a television and a music player. In the statement, Blomn called these “altars” because they are like the “new gods” in this generation. Many people surrounds themselves with televisions, computers, and other technologies that they became dependent on them. Many people became “followers” because of these technologies, that’s why Blomn portrayed these “altars” in white and put white flowers around it to show how “purified” they are – how they drastically influence the people in the society. The contents in the media that the technologies portray have a huge influence on the society. People are so exposed to these contents that they aim to be what they see in the medias.

My Experience

I really like walking around the galleries and examining different kinds of artwork. Just like Nicole, the Idols and Anchors is my favorite piece as well. I really do believe that we live in a world where technology has taken over our lives significantly. It can be good or bad, it just depends on the people who use it. People also praise what they see in the media. A lot of younger people admire many celebrities and wish that they were them. These medias and technologies had brainwashed many people in the world that they because less realistic. For example, wanting to be skinny or buff. I also consider myself as a victim of these media and technologies, and Idols and Anchors did a great job of showing the influence these have on people.



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