Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Melissa Rios

img_1698For the classmate conversation, I talked to Melissa who I actually sat next to on the first day of school. We both interviewed the same artist (Nicole) and pretty much explored the galleries together. Melissa is majoring in pre-biology and this is her second year attending CSULB. She likes to read, listen to music, going to Disneyland, and watching Netflix. Her college experience here at CSULB has been extremely interesting and a lot harder than she expected; however, she met a lot of really cool and nice people. Since we were at the SOA galleries, we didn’t really know what the QOTW was so we just talked about our background and our hobbies. We also talked about our plans after college and if we’re going back to school. She wants to get into a physician assistant program and I want to get a CPA experience for a couple of years before trying to get my masters in taxation. But the art the influenced me to where I am today were street photographies. I consider myself a city girl that this type of art influenced me in wanting to be a street photographer. Since I am an accounting major, I would want to take this as a hobby on the side because it takes my mind off of the stress.

Melissa’s blog :click here


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