Week 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing


I got my friend Nicole to do this project with me. At first, she thought that we were going to do some sculpture or painting. But the moment I told her what we are doing is just sitting on the floor facing each other while holding the marker, she thought I was joking. My friend is a nursing major and never took any art classes, so she couldn’t understand this project. When we sat down after the preparation, we both said that it was like we were playing the Ouija board. We tried not to laugh or joke around, but it was hard. We tried to be serious for a moment. But as soon as it got super quiet, my friend started asking weird questions as if we were playing the Ouija board. We tried to make some kind of cute drawing but it seemed like we couldn’t connect and flow together. As a result, it looked like we just scribbled on the paper. We also changed markers to see if we could start over, but it was still hard and just went with the results we created.



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