Week 5- Art Activity – Graffiti Writing

So… I thought graffiti writing would be easy but it was not. It was pretty windy at my place and it wasn’t cooperating with me haha. But anyways, I tried my best to tag my name, but I kept messing it up. My paints I got were pink and gold and I thought it would be a cute combination; however, the gold paint on the cardboard box didn’t look so good. It looked really dark and it turned into more of a brownish color. I tried to also put my last name because it’s short anyways. I hate how I can erase or start over every time I mess up but I just kept painting over it to cover it up. Other than that, it was really fun doing graffiti. I wish I could’ve went to the Venice Beach trip to tag on the walls. I think that would’ve been more fun and better.


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