Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Nathaniel Paderanga


Exhibition Information

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition: Social

Media: Oil Paint on Canvas

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Instagram: theartofnate_

About the Artist

                  Nathaniel Paderanga is a senior at California State University, Long Beach and is finishing up his degree in BFA Drawing and Painting. Art wasn’t his first choice, however, he used to major in Kinesiology when he used to live in San Diego. His plans after graduation varies but his main two options are getting his certification to become an art teacher and/or go to grad school. He currently has an offer in Temecula, so he might work there for a while before making any decision. Outside of art, he loves to play basketball and working out.

Formal Analysis

        img_2606Nathaniel had about nine canvas on the wall. They were pretty big and some of them were landscape and portrait. He did not really use any bright colors on his canvas, but it was not too dark either. There were people in the painting, and they were people he knew in real life. There were two canvas of his grandparents on the corner of the gallery. One painting had a lot of people at a park having a party and it gave a cheerful meaning to it.

Content Analysis

                   This exhibition was meant to tell a story of his life. They were put in chronological order, except his grandparents’ painting. He just wanted to put them there. His favorite painting was the painting of his old house. He grew up there but doesn’t live there anymore. It took him about two to three hours to do the painting. He used the lighting to help his painting with the shadowing, this shows the importance of light and shadow in artworks.


My Experience

I really love this exhibition because it expresses an urban feel of the paintings that I can easily relate to. Since urban style is my favorite interest, I can stare at these paintings for a long time. I can also relate to this one painting he made where people were having a party at a park, it reminds me of the Filipino parties my family had. I just really love these paintings because of how realistic they are and the style of it.




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