Week 11- Classmate Conversation – Janett Moctezuma


The person I talked to was Janett Moctezuma from the 2pm class. She is a 5th year health science major and she will graduate next semester. She plans to apply for nursing school to achieve her ultimate career goal of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. She’s part of Health Science Student Association and Eta Sigma Gamma. She currently works two jobs as a student assistant at school and a caregiver for Cambrian Homecare. For the classmate conversation topic, she thinks that fan art is going to vary from artist to artist. Each artist is going to have their own style that is going to make their work unique. She thinks that Demi Lovato shouldn’t have reacted the way she did, instead she should’ve appreciate the someone is taking his or her tie to draw her.

Janett’s blog 



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