EC: Feedback

Three Favorites:

Graffiti Writing – I really liked this activity because if it wasn’t for this class, I would have never experienced how to do a graffiti. I’ve been wanting to do a graffiti before but that happening would be extremely rare.

Vlogs – Even though I didn’t do this activity, this activity sounds really fun. I didn’t get to do it because of my tight schedule. This activity would be better if we had two weeks to do it, or a later due date.

Instagram – I really really like this activity. Even though I had to create a new Instagram, I liked how there was community of students posting pictures and putting the same hashtags. It was fun to see what kinds of post other students were posting. Also because what they posted also spoke a little of their personality.

Three Least Favorites:

Automatic Drawing – I really didn’t like this one because I had to find someone to do it with me. On top of that, I had to explain to them what we were doing and why we were doing it. They found it weird, which made the whole activity weird because we were just sitting in front of each other drawing and confused.

Fiber Art Social Network – This one was my least favorite because it was kind of hard to connect my picture with someone else. The class is big and it’s hard to connect with someone and get to know them.

Plaster Casting – I have a love/hate relationship with this activity. Doing the plaster casting was so much fun, but I live nowhere near the beach and had to buy my own sand to do it in the backyard. Maybe it was just me, but I’m sure there are other students who live far from the beach or dislike the beach.

I like the hybrid format of this class. I enjoyed watching the weekly videos posted online and then going to class to do activities. I think the hybrid format is best for this course.

In regards to SOA galleries and classmate conversations, I think there should be more classmate activities during class and less artist conversations. Maybe less artist conversations and replace it with team building activities or just any activities so students can meet other people in the class.

The weekly blog posts from you, I think is valuable and useful. I enjoyed reading these posts and seeing the work that my classmates did. It helped me get to know my classmates more virtually… if that made sense. I think you should keep doing it for your future classes.


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